Over did the mutual

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Over did the mutual

The strangest thing happened to me a little while ago. I thought I would never tell anyone what happened either but I kinda like the idea that guys will jerk off as they read my story. I admit, while I am writing this I feel aroused a little and oh how I wish I could watch you wanking or even feel your shaft.

I'm not gay they always say. I don't care much for /gay/gay-men/">gay men. I always think gay and straight are measured by how they behave. I like women’s bodies and football and dirty jokes and pints of beer and rugby and if I watch gay pornography I am turned off. I think that makes me straight?

I am wwwxxx a field engineer and travel a lot with full expenses, so often I will take my partner with me and she will shop while I work, and then we enjoy the hospitality of a decent hotel. I was on yet another jaunt to bonnie Scotland but she had to work. On this occasion I would have to travel alone but it was only for two nights. Not so bad really, but boring, and this hotel was very pleasant. A proper old Tudor style almost castle in the highlands with a moat and surrounding manicured fields with deer and rabbits and the occasional tree leading all the way down to a loch. Me at one four seat table with white cloth and silver cutlery and some other guy in his forties who like me probably didn’t go to the gym or have ripped biceps. Just a normal guy sat at the next table facing me and also all alone. Boring musac played in the background that may as well have been silent and austere. Eventually the waitress arrived to ask what I wanted and she was so /sweet/">sweet and desirable that I had no choice but to forgive her lateness. She went over to the stranger and after some mutterings had to bend over slightly to point and explain the menu he held. Her skirt was too short and rode up as her bum stuck out and through my head went wishes of bending her over the table and taking her from behind, this girl who was half my age.

A second waitress brought the food out to both tables at the same time and she was a stunner. As she lent over to place my meal carefully held in a tea towel as her silky Edinburgh accent soothed ’mind the plate it’s very hot’ I could see the milky bulge of firm right breast. I stared in the vain hope of a glimpse of nipple. No such luck as the unnecessary bra held her secure. I watched the twenty odd year old firm arse cheeks twitch away and wished so much to be 20 years younger right now. If I was she would say no but at least she would not see a lecherous old man.

The other guy with half a mouth of Aberdeen Angus steak pointed at the kitchen door with his fork and muttered ’Fit or what?’ I just nodded and huffed. Neither of us had a chance with either girl even though it felt like we were the only four occupants of the establishment. I sat back and sucked in air and pressed my aching tummy back into place as a little belch fell out and I held my breath before puffing as the first waitress asked me if I’d like anything else. Digestion maybe? I would have to sleep this off and so I asked for a rum, large one please? Other guy was already sitting back relaxing and having a pint and smiled as he clarified ’That’s better, I needed that.’

He got up to leave but he didn’t, he came over to my table and I felt encroached. What was he going to do? I hate when boring salesmen throw themselves at you and start talking about their job and, oh bollocks, he was pulling out the chair opposite me and sat down placing his shot glass on the napkin. Oh great I thought as he burped ’Graham’ and held out his hand. I shook it of course to be polite but I wanted him to fuck off and quick, ’That meal was great,’ he said, ’a go on one of those girls would be a dessert but, it’s not gonna happen I suppose.’
I still didn’t speak; I just thought what a strange comment from someone I don’t even know. But his ongoing conversation was mildly entertaining and we found a common interest, we both loved Thailand and persisted in trying to outdo each other in knowledge and exploit stories.

Waitress number one came back and asked if we’d like more drinks. I insisted on paying, why not? My boss is paying for it. Graham made some smart suggestive comment to the girl, which she ignored and then she asked what we wanted for breakfast. He replied ’what an offer that is.’ But she wasn’t tagging as her ’please give me felatio highland accent gave ’What are you like?’ I was staring at the V crease in the front of her dark blue short skirt as in my head the x-ray vision could see her mound and I wanted to pull her in and slide my tongue into the soft moist sweet lips. Under the table my cock was tingling with anticipation. With four rums inside me I wanted her. And her friend come to that.

’Good job I’m on the ground floor’ I said, ’I’m so stuffed I couldn’t manage the stairs.’
’I’m on the ground too’ replied Graham, ’What room are you in?’ It seemed a perfectly innocent question as I told him 116. ’Blow me’ he continued, ’I’m in 119.’
Don’t know what difference that made apart from the fantasy uniformed waitresses could swap guys for a second fuck. ’Well I’m going to call it a day’ I said as I rose pushing the dining chair back till it nearly fell. Graham got up too muttering yeah why not.

As we staggered along the hallway and reached my room door he asked if I wanted a nightcap from his minibar? Well why not eh? I sat on the end of his bed and pressed the on button of his TV. First vision I receive is a woman giving a semi erect cock a bloody good seeing to with her mouth. I just stared at it in jealousy as I could hear over my shoulder ’Yeah, I was having a look at the porn channels before going to eat but none of them were on’. I replied, ’Well they are now’ and carried on watching.

I leant back on one elbow and it was visibly obvious in the front of my Levi’s that I had an erection. Graham mimicked me and I took a careful opportunity to see if he was in the same state of arousal. Clearly he was and he looked like a /boy/big-boy/">big boy as it bent around uncomfortably across his left pocket. I stared at it for ages and tried to imagine what it looked like inside those suit trousers. I gave it up and went back to the TV where the lady was now getting it from both ends from two very /ugly/ugly-men/">ugly men with very long, straight, and very hard shafts as she groaned in pretended climaxity. I felt the bed jiggle the wwwxxx about as if someone was fidgeting and instinctively looked across to Graham lying next to me whose trousers were opened wide and pushed down over his hips and he was one handedly with his thumb in the top of his boxers pulling down. I could see the middle half of his shaft and just the top edge of one testicle and that was enough to get my attention. For some mesmerising reason I wanted to see his cock that suddenly pinged out from its trap and twitched north as he sighed, ’blimey that’s better’.

It was so different to mine. It was maybe only an inch thick but so bloody long compared to me. It curled to the left and was ribbed through and through with veins and his foreskin covered the end. He took it in his left hand and pulled slowly down revealing an almost red bell end, almost round apart from the line down the banjo string. It felt really odd to be looking at this erection. I love to see them in /movies/porn-movies/">porn movies. If they are not hard I don’t get off on it, but this was real and within touching distance. I was /scared/">scared and excited and wondered where this encounter would go. Perhaps I should say goodnight and let him have a wank in private.

He lent back arching his ass and pushed his pants and trousers down to the knees and then took hold properly of his wanting manhood and I just stared. Neither of us spoke. I think he was enjoying showing off and I was certainly enjoying watching him as I decided I wanted a closer look. I turned to one side sliding down the bed and rested my head in my left hand propped on the bed and my elbow rested against his hip. He didn’t flinch as his left hand rubbed slowly, obviously not in any hurry, and I was excited by the tiniest of physical contact. I let my head slide off my hand and come to rest on his hip, his cock only inches from my face and my eyes directly in line with his helmet and I stared incessantly as the skin rolled over and back, over and back. Out of the lower of my eyes I could see huge balls rise up from his thighs and disappear again only to ride up once more and I could smell his manhood. It had a smell of desire and sex. It was a nice smell and wanting and I could now understand why women suddenly take you in their mouth. I was so excited and the butterflies so out of control I feared I would be sick and without thinking I placed my right hand on his leg, flat down my fingertips almost able to touch his balls that I could feel tugging at his legs skin. Still he didn’t flinch and how strange that this man who I only knew as Graham and yet I knew what job he did, that he was twice married and had two kids and these days got most of his screws from Thai Bargirls was not embarrassed or put off by being so intimately close to another man while wanking.

I looked up out the top of my eyes only moving my head a fraction to see him holding up his head with his right hand and watching me watching him. I no longer cared that this was wrong and I cupped those huge balls in my hand. I had to move from one to the other because I could not hold them both in one hand. They tightened and flexed as I felt them gently and the wrinkles in the scrotum tightened and the hairs stiffened. He was liking this and though I didn’t want to, so was I. I moved my hand slowly stroking upward from his balls and wrapped my fingers around the hilt of his cock driving my fingertips through the jungle of black hair and he stopped wanking letting go of himself as I kept going and had a bloody good feel of his knob. What a weird sensation it is for a straight man to feel someone else’s hard on and Graham suddenly sat up on the bed. I let go in shock and horror that I had gone too far but he pulled his open neck shirt over his head as he muttered ’come on, take your clothes off. I wanna watch you wank as well.’ He lent forward and took off his kegs and socks and I still hadn’t moved. I felt him grab and squeeze hard my throbbing cock through the front of my denims and he spoke softly again, ’Come on, I can see you need to empty out your balls as well’ and he started undoing my belt and top button. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to do something very rude and I wasn’t going to stop him ’ I hoped.

He put his hand in my pants and held my shaft firm and I could feel my pants being dragged downward and as I closed my eyes I could feel that glorious warm wet smooth soothing sensation of a mouth over your helmet. I kept them closed tight and even though I could feel the roughness of bristle I pretended it was the waitress giving me a little something extra. He slid his mouth up and down my rigid member as he held on tight to the base of my shaft and then pushed on further into my underpants to cup my small tight balls in one hand. This was fantastic and I didn’t want to end. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted a vinegar stroke that would last all night. I looked up to see /girl/porn-girl/">porn girl getting a face full from one of the workmen and I wanted so much to cum with him but wanted to stay a lot longer.

’How does that feel?’ Graham asked, ’Any better?’ I didn’t speak as I pulled my Tee shirt over my head and I could feel him pulling my jeans down but couldn’t get them over my Reeboks. I leant forward to help out with the decloaking and he was so impatient. I looked at his naked body crouched on his heels close up and sensations I never knew existed pulsed through me, one half wanting me to stop right now, the other wanting this to go all the way. I finally managed to get some words out as ’I’m not gay,’ what a fucking dumb thing to say as Graham nodded and said ’neither am I’, ’come up here on the bed and lie down’ I continued and swept my hands around his midriff to pull him in close. As we lolled onto the mattress bouncing slightly I felt his chest and nipples against me as they hardened and ran my right hand quickly down his strong back to his butt cheeks and on to the hairy thighs as I could feel his erection touching mine and pressed hard between our groins. ’I really can’t believe I am doing this,’ I murmured as I slid my hand round to his frontage, grasping once again at his length and feeling it from helmet to testicles.

I felt the hand around the back of my knee and he lifted my leg up to rest on his soft and slightly overweight side and then his hand sidled along the underside of my leg to my balls and the runway to my arse. He reached right round to hold my knob from behind as I stroked him gently and told him the truth and how I suddenly felt inside, ’You have a fucking beautiful cock you know. If I was ever going to do a bi-curious thing I would have wanted someone with a cock like yours.’ On the back of my wrist I could feel his navel as my hand went well past it to the top of his cock. It surely had to be 9 or 10 inches long and his balls were the size of two Satsumas’. A seriously impressive tool that invited you to play with it and right now I wished I was a woman.