Ashley Dreams

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Ashley Dreams

There was this girl named Ashley that went to my school. She is one of the hottest girls around. Whenever I got near her, there would be a bulge in my pants that wouldn't go away, until I took care of it. Especially this one day. I was in seventh period language arts class, and Ashley was in it too.

That day she was wearing a small skimpy shirt, and a short skirt. She knew how to drive all the guys wild. That day she was going over to a bin, where we kept our past assignments. That bin was on the ground, and it wasn't that tall, so you really had bokep sma pecah perawan to bend over, if you know what I mean. She went to the bin and bent over. Several of the guys saw this and they began to stir around and look at each other. She bent down so far, her skirt rode up, and she was wearing practically clear and see-through panties. We could see the perfect outline of her tight and perfect little ass.

Man, did the guys and I really want to fuck her. She turned around and accidentally tripped, and dropped her papers. She bent down to grab the paper, and since she was wearing no bra, I could see her breasts, so perfect for sucking. She stood up and walked away. After school got out I went home and went in the bathroom. I started jacking off thinking about me lifting up her skirt, and pushing her panties aside, and doing her doggy style. Oh man I only wish it could be real. It was getting late and I went to bed. I layed there for a long time trying to go to sleep. Just then I heard the door open, and someone sneaking inside. It was Ashley. I knew she lived by me, but it wasn't like her to come over to anyone's house like this.

I walked into the front room, and saw her there. She ran over to me and started kissing my lips, parting old waman xxxgx them with her toungue, trying to suck my innards out of me it seemed. She was very aggressive, and she ripped my shorts off, since it was the only thing on I had besides my boxers. She pulled my pants off, and started sucking me off. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I pushed her head harder into my crotch, as I was ready to cum. But she stopped and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She ripped her clothes off, and jumped onto me.

I was picking her up, and she shoved her breasts in my face. She started pulling my head towards her and I was smothered with the most magnificent boobs anyone could have. We both moved over to the couch and I started licking my way down to he love pot. I reached her enlarged pussy and I started licking away. I brought her up to near orgasm, and pulled away. I then stuck /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock inside of her and fucked her brains out.

We both screamed in unison as we cummed together. I licked the cum that was on her off, and she licked the cum off me. It was then I heard a loud noise. I fell off my bed and woke up. It was only a dream... If only it could have been real. Until next time, keep dreaming!