Beach Goddess Gets Fingered

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Beach Goddess Gets Fingered

There is not a cloud in the sky on this beautiful summer 
day. The waters of the Med are just as blue. Im sitting on 
my beach towel feeling as horny as hell. And then I see her 
and suddenly there hardly seems enough room in my swim 

She is tall and lean, with a sun bronzed body and flowing 
/blonde/">blonde hair. I watch as she steps down to the water and 
plunges in. I adjust my posture so that my /erection/">erection doesnt 
show. A few minutes later he rises up out of the water like 
some goddess of old. It is the most erotic sight I have ever 
seen and I just about shoot my bolt.

Water drips down her flat belly. Her big, firm tits jut out in 
front of her as she walks. She smiles, for no reason other 
than it is a beautiful day, and reveals pure white teeth. 
Everything about her is xxx just perfect and she is driving me 
/crazy/">crazy with lust. And then, to my amazement , she seems to 
be headed straight in my direction. I can feel my heart start 
to thump as a sweat breaks out on my forehead.

But, sadly, she joins a man on a towel behind me. They 
embrace and soon snuggle up on his towel. I turn around 
and lie on my belly, watching them and envying him. Soon 
they start to kiss and I feel really aroused. The beach is 
crowded but no one else seems to notice, or care. And then I 
see him slip his hand between her thighs. My /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock 
throbs underneath me as it presses into the sand.

He strokes her silky smooth thighs as I die a thousand 
deaths. I want him to touch her intimately, and yet I want 
him to stop. She is my /fantasy/">fantasy goddess; I dont want anyone 
else touching her. Moments later I feel faint when I see his 
finger slip underneath her bikini. I can see directly between 
her legs; perhaps Im the only one on the beach who can. He 
tugs the material aside a little and I catch a flash of blonde 
pubes. I can almost smell and taste her sex. A wet spot 
appears on the material of my shorts.

His long, elegant finger rubs along the valley where her leg 
meets her torso. I realize that he is teasing me. I am the only 
one who can see this private show. How I wish it was my 
tongue running along that silken valley. Then he pulls her 
bikini right aside so that her pink gash is exposed. She has 
the prettiest pussy I have ever seen, and exposed like this it 
is ten times more desirable than it normally would be.

I see his finger stroke along the length of her slit, teasing 
her lips apart. I reach under my stomach and grab hold of 
my rock /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I smear the precum over the bloated 
mushroom head and almost pass out at how good it feels. 
And then he slides his finger into her delicate folds and 
starts gently /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her. He rears up a little and 
looks directly at me. I rear up a little so that he alone can 
see the tip of my exposed /boner/">boner. He grins and then goes 
back to pleasuring his lady.

Soon I see her hand grab hold of his wrist and she shudders 
slightly. The sight of that is too much for my cock. It 
suddenly explodes, shooting out a massive volley of joy 
juice that drains all energy from my body. I collapse onto 
my sticky towel as the exhibitionist couple pack up to leave. 
She stops, and kneels by my towel.

Did you enjoy that? she asks.
I hold my porn videos download hand up to her. She sniffs it and laughs.
Wow. You enjoyed it that much? she says.
You bet. I reply. They both chuckle and walk away.