Am I becoming a Cuckold

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Am I becoming a Cuckold

I am a 29 year old guy and I'm engaged to my 27 year old fiance with whom I have a two year old child. She is all I could have wished for five foot eight with long blonde hair blue eyes and a slim figure. She has /breasts/small-breasts/">small full hd xvideo download breasts that suit her figure and a /cute/">cute curvy firm little ass with shapely legs. Before we dated she worked in a lap dancing club and was a bit of a girl shall we say always out wearing very little. It was this that attracted me to her the fact she was a little naughty as I like my girls like that.

However now with child our once exciting and experimental sex life had like most people's calmed down and we were always busy.

Her parents decided to give us a break and take our /son/">son so we could go on a holiday to Magaluf in Spain and we were both very pleased. This is where the story I'd like to tell happened so here goes.

My fianc”e loved rave music and on the second night a relatively famous dj was playing at one of the clubs and she wanted to go. She looked incredible in a black vest and a small pleated black mini skirt that just covered her ass as we hit a few bars getting tanked up. By the time we reached the club we were pretty smashed and right down the front when the dj came on. Dancing around I was feeling horny and started to grope my fiances cute little ass under her skirt.

She was dancing and grinding it so I knew she was horny too. I rubbed her pussy through the tiny little thong and even slid a finger into her as she danced enjoying the music. We were both horny and its then I noticed a guy watching us. He was wearing only jeans with his top off about twenty with a /gym/">gym fit body and really well built. As I looked at him he winked at me nodding at my fiance.

Then to my /surprise/">surprise he came over and reached down squeezing her bum under her skirt as I had been doing. I stepped to the side a little in shock as he did this and he started groping her bottom as she danced. This is when she noticed me out her eye and looked round to see this guy groping her bottom. I thought she would go mad but instead she grinned at me and kept dancing. He took this as an okay and now he was fingering her as she grabbed me and started kissing me.

She was moaning a little into my mouth as we kissed and this stranger fingered her. She broke away and turned to him kissing him now passionately as her hands roamed over his muscular body and he squeezed her bottom. It was at this point another guy about the same age approached also gym fit and about the same age and the first guy (Gary) introduced him (Kev) to my fiance who straight away started kissing him as he too had a feel.

This continued for a while in the club as the dj played. Then my fiance told me Gary and Kev had invited us back to their apartment for a few drinks. Of course I was a little unsure but found myself in a taxi heading back anyway them still kissing and groping each other.

In the apartment I sat on a small sofa with Kev who'd got some drinks and my fiance was sat on Gary's knee kissing him. Kev looked at me. "Your girls hot mate and a little goer". I smiled not sure what to say and took a swig of beer. He tried to make small talk and as I looked over my fianc”e was now on her knees as Gary sat back and she was sucking his cock. He was sighing as she sucked him kissing his balls and said to him. "You have a /cock/nice-cock/nice-big-cock/">nice big cock Gary". She kissed it when she said that then sucked it more.

Both me and Kev were fixed on this now not speaking as she stood up and peeled down her little thong from under her skirt stepping out of it as she told him. "I need that cock I'm so horny". I was engrossed as she straddled him and he grabbed her bum as she held his cock now steering it to her shaven bald little pussy. She sat down and I had a perfect view of his cock disappear inside her little pussy which was stretched around him now as she moaned.

"Oh god yes that is nice". Straight away she started bouncing up and down on it and I stared my own cock now rock hard in my jeans as she rode him. His cock appearing now wet and shiny then being swallowed her pussy descended by it as she slammed down. They both moaned as she rode him and he was groping and spanking her bum as he clearly enjoyed it. "Fuck she's good". Kev now said from beside me actually getting his cock out and rubbing it as my own ached.

Gary was thrusting up now and my fiance shouted. "Yes, Yes fuck me Gary". As he did so making her moan louder. Then she shouted she was going to cum which surprised and upset me a little as she usually only cums from me going down on her. She let out a cry and stopped her body convulsing as she had an orgasm and Gary said. "Oh yes cum for me baby". As she did. She again started to ride him as he thrust upwards both moaning and enjoying it as I watched. "Oh yes fuck me like a slut Gary".

"It's so /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck me babe". She was shouting as now Gary let out a groan and pulling out shot his load all over her bottom. They were panting and kissed for a few moments before she stood up and looked at us a little red in the face. Kev was still rubbing his cock and she grinned. "Did you like that". He nodded as she asked him if he wanted some. He jumped up saying. "Yes of course".

She knelt on the sofa free porn movies download next to me sticking out her bottom too him and running her hand over my cock straining through my jeans. "I see you like me being a slut too". She laughed as Kev grabbed her hips and started to fuck her from behind. She was moaning again as he slammed into her spanking her and fucking her hard so I actually let my cock out rubbing it as I watched the show. They were about twenty minutes in when Kev announced he was going to cum and she shouted.

"Cum inside me I want to feel it". He let out a groan and buried his cock deep as he came inside her and out of breath pulled out. My fiance stood up facing me and straddled me looking into my eyes as she said. "You like your fianc”e being a little /whore/">whore don't you." I felt her soaked pussy now at my cock and she sat down her warm wetness engulfing me as she did and she whispered in my ear. "Can you feel how messy I am". As she started to ride me slowly.

"They fucked me good". She said as I could actually feel Kev's cum dribble over my balls. It was so warm and wet as she rode me and I didn't last long with the excitement I'd seen before I added my load to her already sloppy pussy and she got off. We continued drinking and my fianc”e was very friendly with mainly Gary.

I wasn't sure how to feel the whole thing was so horny yet I was hurt a little at the same and it was only the second night of our holiday.