Dennis April Lorraine

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Dennis April Lorraine

Dennis Peck was absolutely livid as he looked at his watch. Sarah, his new girlfriend, was 45 minutes late! That does it, he thought. I am dumping her sorry ass today!

He walked out of the bookstore, got into his pickup, and drove back to his apartment, quite ready to dump his detestable girlfriend. When he got there, he saw Sarah, sitting on the sofa, waiting for him.

"Where the hell were you, Sarah?", Dennis asked her.

"Not at that stupid bookstore of yours, thats for sure! Im sick and tired of your obsession with literature, especially your fascination with porn.", she answered.

"Its not just porn, Sarah, and theres nothing wrong with that, anyway. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Ive never cheated on you, so whats the problem?"

"You want those girls, dont you?"

"Thats only natural."

"Well, I want a guy who only wants me!"

"So, you want me to be as obsessed with you, as you arent with me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, come on, Sarah! Ive seen you looking at my roommate Jake. Hell, for all I know, you might be sleeping with him! In any case, you want several mens attention all to yourself, and thats not fair."

"Fair or not, thats what I demand."

"In that case, you can fuck Jake for all I care, because its over between us."

"Over, is it? Well, you can keep your stupid fairness, your intellect, and your pride, and shove them all up your own ass! I want to be in charge, and have 2 guys to myself, and yes, I have been sleeping with Jake!"

"Kiss my /hairy/hairy-ass/">hairy ass, Sarah, because I wont be your slave, to treat as unfairly as you wish! Theres the door! Only open it to leave, unless Jake invites you!"

Sarah stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door as she left. Good riddance, Dennis thought. Ive had enough of her attitude. Jake will probably put up with her, since hes an idiot. Well, hes welcome to her!

That was it, Dennis reflected. His girlfriend of only a month was gone, and he really didnt miss her at all. I dont need any more girlfriends for a while, he decided. Ill just get laid and have fun.

Just then, Jake walked in.

"Jake, your new girlfriend just left.", Dennis told him rather blandly.

"What new girlfriend?"

"Sarah. I dumped her because she wants to have both of us to herself. I know about her cheating on me with you, and I also know that she stood me up today. If you want her, shes yours."

"No way, man! I may not be as smart as you, Dennis, but if she wants both of us to herself, she can think again! Im not stupid!"

"Well, I just gained some respect for you."

"Thanks, man. Im sorry I slept with her behind your back. Frankly, she wasnt much good, anyway, so I thought Id break it off, anyway."

"Yeah, shes pretty selfish in bed. I do like eating her out, but shes loathe to return the favor. I thought that she would get used to it, but now I dont care."

"Well, you know, man, were both rid of her now, so we can just laugh at her expense, cant we? Lets have some beer, man."

Jake went to the fridge and took out some beer cans, tossing one to Dennis. They both thought it would just be the 2 guys, doing "guy" things for the afternoon, like drinking beer and watching TV. Boy, were they wrong!

Jake had several more cans, joking with Dennis about Sarahs stupidity and selfishness, not to mention her obsession with fashion. She was silly, and would have been even more laughable, if she werent so damn pretty, and if she didnt have such a delicious pussy.

Soon, Jake was pretty plastered, and he decided to take some aspirin and a nap, because he had a headache. Dennis was only by himself for a few minutes, however, before his other roommates, April and Lorraine, walked into the apartment.

"Well, Dennis, Sarah must not be here, if youve got beer cans all over the place. This is male group behavior for sure. Who was with you- Jake?"

"Yeah, just Jake. Hes got a hangover already, since he drank more than me. I think white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie the dude may be an alcoholic. Anyway, hes taking a nap. What about you, girls?"

"Lorraine just got dumped by her boyfriend. He wanted to have a threesome, but refused to have both kinds. He only wanted 2 girls and a guy. Lorraine wanted both."

"So, he got jealous?"

"Yes, he even wanted her to not fuck the other girl in the 3-way. Thats what a hypocrite he is."

"Wow, Lorraine! Your ex is as awful as mine!"

"Sarah dumped you?"

"No, I dumped her, because she wanted both me and Jake to herself, plus she was cheating on me with him, and she stood me up."

"Oh, my God! Shes terrible!"

"Thanks, Lorraine. Even Jake agreed. He told me he didnt want her, either."

"So hes not one hundred percent moron, eh?"

"Guess not. Were been drinking and joking about her quirks."

"Say, would you like to have that threesome with Dennis, instead of your ex, Lorraine?"

"You mean me, him, and another girl?"

"Actually, I meant you, him, and me."

"Oh, that sounds great! How about it, Dennis? What better way to celebrate our freedom from our evil exes, than to have a threesome?"

"April, is that why you dont have a boyfriend? You want to fuck us?"

"Well, actually, Im a swinger, and I just have trouble finding guys wholl go along with the whole permanent sharing thing."

"What guys are those? Ive just never found a girl whod share me, so I settled for Sarah. That was my mistake."

"So, you want to have it? The 3 of us, roommates and friends, just being very nice to each other?"


"What about you, Lorraine?"

"Definitely. Ive always wanted to sleep with Dennis, but I never got the chance."

"We could do it right here."


April began stripping first, starting with her sweater, then moving to her blouse, her skirt, her shoes, and then removing her panties. Dennis could not help but notice that she did not wear a bra.

Aprils busty form, albeit it a little plump, was a pleasant contrast to the equally /gorgeous/">gorgeous Lorraine, who was tall and blonde, with long, wavy hair. They had all met at college during their freshman year, and now they were seniors.

Dennis had watched them play pool, joined in, and had a wonderful time, even though they whipped his butt at billiards. Since then, they had shared the apartment with him as well as Jake, whom they thought a little stupid. Dennis, however, they considered to be practically a genius, and they really admired him.

Anyway, Lorraine was now nude as well, and the two of them then waited for Dennis to disrobe, which he certainly did quickly enough.

When they were all naked, Dennis walked over to Lorraine, planted a kiss on her mouth, and told her that her ex was insane, for leaving her like that. He began to kiss her neck as well, and then he moved his tongue down to her breasts, kissing and licking them as well.

April could not stay a bystander for long. She got on her knees, cupped Denniss dick and balls, and started licking his genitals. Denniss shaft got very stiff in just seconds, and then April began to suck his cock, starting with the glans penis, and soon deep-throating him, taking in his 7 inch cock all the way to the base.

Dennis soon progressed to Lorraines belly, licking it all the way downward, until he reached her cunt, tasting the outside of it, while April gave him a much better blowjob than Sarah ever did during their relationship. He was both giving and receiving head, and he loved the combination.

Lorraine gasped, as Denniss tongue probed her vagina, teased her labia, and twisted around her clitoris. Her sweat began to pour down her pale body, and her blue eyes gave a clear expression of absolute bliss. She did not care that Dennis was having plenty of fun, as long as he gave her some time too.

April was just as satisfied for the moment, getting to perform fellatio on her secret crush, whom she had hoped to seduce since that first year. She was making her favorite guy in the world happy, and nothing pleased her more than that fact. At last, Dennis was open to thinking of her as a possible lover!